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One on one 45-60 minute session with me! During the session you will be working with me to reach your fitness goals! with PT, you will be provided a meal plan as well to assist you along your journey! Please click "PT Tab" for pricing details.



Group Training may consist of 4 to 7 people in a single session. Meeting on set days.. Group training still involves programming to meet needs of all individuals involved in the the training program. Sign up online only under the PT tab. Meal plan is included.

12/2019     VS.     9/2019 


       BootCamp / Classes


Classes: Beginner Strength and Tone, SweetHeat Bootcamp, Tone it Up Strength, Lower Body & Core, and Core.

Beginner Strength and Tone  - focuses on overall strengthening and toning and full body exercises. This workout class will still be a challenging workout and good way to burn fat and calories while gaining muscle. This classes is perfect for beginners, those who are new to exercise, and those who are interested in learning  the proper technique involved in training. 

Sweetheat bootcamp - high level interval training that focuses on strengthening and toning and weight loss. This class works at a high intensity but anyone can participate because you will work at your own pace! You work as hard as you can and burn ALOT of calories, bootcamp style!

Tone it Up Strength - this class focuses on strength gains. In this class you will deal with weights  the entire time. This class is open to beginners, and modifications will occur when needed during all classes.  If you are looking to tone it up and gain  lean muscle mass, this class is fit for you.

Lower Body - This class focuses just on lower body and core. In this class you will focus on the strengthening, sculpting, shaping, and toning up the muscle groups of  the thigh,  buttocks, and abdominal region. This class is body weight based, weights are optional.

Core - This class focuses solely on the abdominal region, strengthening and tightening the core area.

Upper Body - This class focuses on strengthening the muscle groups in the upper body region.

Leg Day With Diva - If you're looking to gain muscle,  tighten  and tone the muscles in your legs and glutes, this is the class for you. In this class we utilize weights, so this is a REAL leg day with me!

Virtual: online on zoom on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Please be sure you have a working device that supports zoom before purchasing. All exercises can be modified. If you do not own weights for classes that utilize weights (full body/ lower body, please pick up two 1 gallon jugs with handles to complete your exercises. 

Online Programworkouts and routines available online

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