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Current Schedule: Group

Monday - Full Body - 5a, 6a, 6p

Tuesday - SweetHeat Bootcamp - 5a, 6a, 6p

Wednesday - Leg Day - 5a, 6a, 6p

Thursday - LIFT - 5a, 6a, 6p

Friday - Body Burn - 5a, 6a, 6p

Saturday Classes are TBA - Make sure you download the app to get alerts! 

Programs vs Packages?

- Group PT Pass: your package is based on the number of days per week you'd like to workout. 2/3/ 4-6 days per week.

- Challenge pass: Access to classes based on number of days per week for that challenge. See specific challenge details. Cash prize available for most challenges. 

- Loyal Pass: After being a member for 6+ months, you can book under loyal member. Doesn't count for challenge passes. Though you could get a discount for being in a challenge.

- Single Class booking: Passes are cheaper than the single booking rate.

- Virtual Classes: You have the option to book any class virtually. You save when you book a pass. 

- Meal Plans: Included with all packages and 1:1 training.

Virtual Classes

-   All classes are Online accessible via zoom. 7pm is zoom only if offered. At least 2 dumbbells required, gym preferred.

-   Please take a look at Virtual Packages Under the "PT" Tab for pricing and info.

Upcoming Programs

Holiday Challenge Oct 31, 2022 - Dec 30,2022
(maintain - no gain during the holiday SZN)
- Intense workouts that will ensure you don't gain during this holiday SZN. Anyone can sign up.
Deadline Oct 31.

Bikini Challenge Jan 8, 2023 - March 31,2023
(Build muscle, burn fat) 
A lot of 
emphasis on implementing proper nutrition for building muscle and cutting fat. 
- The best thing about this challenge, it leads into the summer.
* must sign up on time to join.

Deadline DEC 31.


Image 13.JPG

Adiva McKensie

Personal Trainer

OCB Bikini Pro 2019

VCU Health Behavior Coaching 2019

VCU Kinesiology Graduate 2017

Owner of GetFitWithDiva since 2018




- Scale readings, includes body fat% and muscle and the dispersement of the two.

- Weekly Check-ins

- Macros and meal planning

- GroupMe accountability. (posting with members to stay motivated seek ideas)

Quickest way to contact me?

Please text  (804) 590-8841  for quick questions. Class time etc. For more in-depth questions regarding services, please book a consult on Friday or Sunday. ALL consults are over the phone and and not at my location.
*Taking 1 on 1 clients and group PT clients. See "PT" tab for pricing, message me for availability.

Bikini / Beach Body Challenge

- Men & Women welcome

- Deadline Dec 31st

- Begins Aug Jan 8th, 2023 . Can't sign up late.

- Anyone can sign up for the challenge, members & non-members.

- NO pre-reqs for challenge this time.

What the challenge consist of?

- 5x a week strength training (in-person or virtual)

- access to same workouts online

- macros and tailored meal plan.

- cardio requirementrecommended steady state on equipment. HIIT is an option.

- If you're interested in competing, we can go into details and discussion of competing in a nationally recognized organization as an amateur.

* if you haven't signed up on-time, you won't be able to sign up for the challenge, but you can sign up for a regular workout membership!

About Us
Contact Us

GetFitWithDiva, LLC is a personal training business owned and operated solely by Adiva Mckensie. GetFitWithDiva, LLC has initially been a traveling training company where "you have no excuse because I come to you" that has converted to a stationary studio as of November 4, 2019 located in Stonebridge Plaza Midlothian, Virginia. I now offer 1 on 1 PT, group PT, in person and virtual fitness classes. The goal of GetFitWithDiva is to help all individuals youth, men, and women reach their health and wellness/ fitness goals, to sustain and lead a healthier lifestyle, and increase longevity amongst our community!

Booking page:


phone: 1(804)-590-8841 (please text initial inquiry, or book online)

Adress: 149 StoneBridge Plaza

Midlothian VA, 23225

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