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Current Schedule: Group

(Reserve classes in app to redeem your session)

Monday - Full Body - 5a, 6a, 5:30p

Tuesday - Arms and Back - 5a, 6a

Wednesday - Leg Day  - 5a, 6a, 5:30p

Thursday - Sweet Heat Bootcamp - 5a, 6a, 5:30p

Saturday Classes are TBA - Make sure you download the app to get alerts! 

Programs vs Packages?

- Group PT Pass: your package is based on the number of days per week you'd like to workout. 8, 12 , or unlimited sessions.

- Challenge pass: Access to classes based on number of days per week for that challenge. See specific challenge details. Cash prize available for Beach Body challenges. 

- Single Class booking: Passes are cheaper than the single booking rate.

- Virtual Classes: You have the option to book any class virtually. You save when you book a pass. 

- Meal Plans: Included with all packages and 1:1 training.

1 on 1:  Must have consult prior to sign-up. Spots are limited for in-person to mornings.

Virtual Classes

-   Only 6 AM Online accessible via zoom. 7pm is zoom. At least 2 dumbbells required, gym preferred.

-   Please take a look at Virtual Packages Under the "PT" Tab for pricing and info.

Upcoming Programs

Summer SHRED - NEXT SUMMER (entry closed)
Mix of intense cardio with strength training. 2 days of bootcamp & 2 days of weight training. Gradually increasing cardio overtime to increase endurance. This challenge 
focuses FAT BURN and weight loss. Don't miss the next segment, June & July.

August Come Back pass
** MUST be a member in august to receive discounted rate for beach body challenge**
- $200 Unlimited pass 16 session, 2 a Day sessions, Saturday's TBA
- $170 12 session pass
- $135 8 session pass
- Students $50 for 1 month (contact me for payment)

Final Challenge in-person 
Beach Body Challenge
 (opens 7/1)

Duration: 8 Weeks (9/2 - 10/25) - 8 weeks
- (Build muscle, burn fat) 
- Custom nutrition geared towards whether you are trying to gain muscle or lose body fat.

A lot of emphasis on implementing proper nutrition for building muscle and cutting fat. 
- Promotes healthy weight loss. If you are new to training , it's expected you lose weight faster initially (2+ lb per week) than those who have been training for 3+ months ( 0.5-1lb per week)
-  $500 cash prize if 25 members enter challenge (group PT does not count
- $25 challenge fee
- individual macros for each person
- Can follow program online (you don't have to be in-person to sign up.
- This is a results challenge, not a weight loss challenge

* must sign up on time to join. Late Fee's apply after 8/21/24.
Deadline 8/31
GetFitWithDiva will be moving to serving her clients online through custom programming, challenges. and virtual sessions in November.


Adiva McKensie

Personal Trainer 


- VCU Kinesiology Graduate 2017

- VCU Health Behavior Coach graduate 2019

- Owner of GetFitWithDiva, LLC since 2018

OCB Bikini Pro Since 2019

- OCB Bikini Richmond Overall Champion 2019

- NGA Pro Bikini Central Fall Florida Classic Overall Champion 2024

- NGA Pro Bikini Open Overall Champion 2024


- Scale readings, includes body fat% and muscle and the dispersement of the two.

- Weekly Check-ins

- Macros and meal planning

- GroupMe accountability. (posting with members to stay motivated seek ideas)

Quickest way to contact me?

Please text (804) 590-8841 for quick questions. Class time etc. For more in-depth questions regarding services, please book a consult on  Sunday. ALL consults are over the phone and not at my location.
*Taking 1 on 1 clients and group PT clients. See "PT" tab for pricing, message me for availability.

Bikini / Beach Body Challenge

- Men, Women & teen

- Deadline Aug 31st

- Begins 9/2/24 

- must be a member in August to receive member discount

What the challenge consist of?

- 3-4x week training

- access to same workouts online in app

- macros and tailored meal plan.

- cardio requirement 

- If you're interested in competing, we can go into details and discussion of competing in a nationally recognized organization as an amateur.

* if you haven't signed up by the end of the week of the first challenge, you won't be able to sign up for the challenge, but you can sign up for a regular workout membership!

About Us
Contact Us

GetFitWithDiva, LLC is a personal training business owned and operated solely by Adiva Mckensie. GetFitWithDiva, LLC has initially been a traveling training company where "you have no excuse because I come to you" that has converted to a stationary studio as of November 4, 2019 located in Stonebridge Plaza Midlothian, Virginia. I now offer 1 on 1 PT, group PT, in person and virtual fitness classes. The goal of GetFitWithDiva is to help all individuals youth, men, and women reach their health and wellness/ fitness goals, to sustain and lead a healthier lifestyle, and increase longevity amongst our community!

Booking page:


phone: 1(804)-590-8841 (please text initial inquiry, or book online)

Adress: 149 StoneBridge Plaza

Midlothian VA, 23225

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